Sacred Fire: Death Arrows

What if I told you could work with the element of fire to release any heavy, or trapped energy you may feel that is holding you in a place of stagnation? The elements that exist around us on this planet can aid us in our healing. We are one with nature, the beauty that surrounds us, and never separate from it.

Fire is a powerful element and can take down anything in its path but we can also use this powerful force to transform our energy and ultimately our life. The art of sacred fire is simple but powerful. The native and indigenous cultures around the world would use the element of fire for renewal and transformation. They believed through the ashes of the fire comes growth, new ideas, and beginnings.

Traditionally, sacred fire is done on the new and full moon but, this practice can be done at any time you feel called to it. Before you begin building your sacred fire, remember that your intention and attention are key.

Start a list of all you wish to release (the more specific, the better). This can be written on paper or mentally noted. Allow yourself to be present with the experience as you are collecting the items needed, during the ceremony itself, and after you are done and clean up space.

You will need common items to build your fire such as:

● Fire pit

● Matches

● Natural kindling (olive oil, accelerant)

● Small thin sticks

● Logs, leaves, palm fronds, etc.

● Offerings (herbs, flowers)

Remember, this is a sacred ceremony and as you are building your fire, welcome in good energy and protection from your guides. Once you have collected all you need and built your fire, you can begin the ceremony of Death Arrows. Grab your small thin sticks and your entry of what you wish to release. Each small stick will represent what it is you wish to release to the fire. Start with number one on your list. Hold the stick in your hand close to you and focus on the wound. Using your breath, take an inhale, and with your exhale, blow that wound into the stick. Continue this process for as many wounds you wish to release. Once you have worked your way down the list, the sticks are ready to be released into the fire.

Take each stick and add them to your sacred fire. Allow the element of fire to take away and transform that energy into something better, freeing you from the weight of the wounds and the stories that bound you to them. Watch each stick burn into ash, into nothing. Once you feel the ceremony is complete, clean up space and be mindful over the next few days. Integrate this new way of being by practicing mindfulness; Journal, hydrate, and ground your energy. You may return to this practice whenever you feel called to it.

Written by: Savannah Vaughan 

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