The Guide to Healing Modalities of Sanatana Dharma

A Guide to the Spiritual Healing Modalities of Sanatana Dharma

This guide will authentically introduce you to the range of modalities and healing techniques in the Dharmic Healing path, as well as provide you with opportunities to directly experience their potency!

Inside these pages you will be introduced to many new Sanskrit terms and a diverse range of practices and energy sciences from Sanatana Dharma. This knowledge is not something outside of you; it is here to help your self-knowledge blossom.

Dispersed throughout you will also find applied practices. These are shared to give you a direct feel for the transformation available within these modalities. They are meant to be lived, not just learned! So please, enjoy practicing.

May this guide awaken and stir something inside your spirit and connect you more clearly to your dharma in this lifetime.

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