Our Practitioners


Kiran Mangal

Yogi and Occultist

I am an initiated Yogi, initiated Occult practitioner of Celtic Druidry, Kemeticism, Norse Paganism and a Spiritual counselor.


Melissa Castillo

Indigenous Medicine Woman

I am a Holistic Gut Health Coach, Curandera (Medicine Woman) of Indigenious Mexican Ancestry, Q’ero Incan Shamanic Apprentice, and Shadow Worker.

*Habla Español


Savannah Vaughan

Reiki Practitioner and Shamanic Apprentice

I am an initiated Shamanic Apprentice, Psychic Medium, Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Practitioner.


Leslie Duffy

Reiki Master and Hoodoo Conjuress

I am a Q'ero Shamanic Apprentice, Reiki Master, Hoodoo Practitioner and lifelong Psychic Medium.



Imeria Foster

Shaman and Psychic Witch

I am a Shamanic apprentice of the Q’ero Incan Peruvian lineage, Usui Reiki Master, lifelong Witch, and Shadow Worker.


Conri Stark

Energy Healer and Shamanic Apprentice

I am a north woods caveman here to help reconnect humans with themselves and their communities through reconnection with Gaia.


Dr. Ash

Modern Medicine Woman

I am a Peruvian trained Shamanic Practitioner, Herbalist, Neuropsychopharmacologist and Reiki Master.


Madison Jacques

Shamanic Medicine Woman and Reiki Master

I am a Spiritual Embodiment Mentor empowering you to reclaim your power, heal your wounds, & reconnect with your soul's sacred essence.


Forrest Sienna

Limiting Belief Expert and Intuitive Healer

I am an energy worker who uses tarot, astrology, and reiki to guide you back to your true self and work towards a more just world.


Melissa Senkel

Oracle and Healer

I am a Medicine Woman initiated in the Q’ero Incan Lineage, Usui Reiki Master and Intuitive Oracle.


Maclaine Hudson

Psychic Occultist and Reiki Healer

I am a Certified Usui Reiki Healer, Occult Mastery Apprentice, trained Psychic Medium and Astrologer, and trusted Shadow Guide.


Rana Hallak

Dharmic Healer and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

I am a Dharmic Healer and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, offering sessions that include working with the ten powerful Hindu Tantric goddesses, providing Ayurvedic wellness support, and guidance on how to live an authentic yogic lifestyle.

*Farsi - Conversational Lebanese


Julianna Thoth

Shamanic Apprentice and Energy Healer

I am a skilled Practitioner helping neurodivergent women connect within to manage anxiety and limiting beliefs.

* EU - Parlez Francais


Katie Eich

Shamanic Apprentice and Energy Healer

I am a Licensed Mental Health Therapist (LMHC), Reiki Master, Q'ero Incan Shamanic Apprentice, Psychic Medium, and Energy Worker.


Chris Michalski

Yogi and herbalist

I am an initiated yogi, breathwork coach, and herbalist immersed in the realms of natural healing and Ayurveda.