Embracing the Ancient Path of Shamanic Healing in Today’s World

The Essence of Shamanic Healing:

In the heart of the bustling modern world, where technology reigns and the pace of life seems ever-accelerating, there lies an ancient path walked by the shamans—a path that winds back through the annals of time, rooted in the traditions of the Qero Incan lineage. This path of healing and harmony is not confined to the pages of history; it is as relevant today as it has ever been, offering a beacon of balance and well-being.

Shamanic healing is the practice of restoring balance to the body, mind, and spirit. It’s a holistic approach that transcends the mere physicality of existence, touching the subtle energies that animate all living beings. The wisdom of master healers like Alberto Villoldo and insights from profound works such as ‘The Four Agreements’ by don Miguel Ruiz remind us that this balance is essential for our overall well-being.

Shaman Lauren Thew

Physical Healing:

On a physical level, shamanic practices may include herbal medicine, nutritional advice, and energy-based therapies that align the body’s vital forces. The shamans teach us that the Earth provides all the medicinal properties we need to heal and thrive.

Mental Healing:

Mentally, shamanic healing encourages us to cultivate a garden of positive thoughts. Like Villoldo’s teachings, it asks us to shed the heavy cloaks of our past traumas and step into a light of clarity and purpose.

Emotional Healing:

Emotionally, shamanism guides us through the process of releasing pent-up feelings that may be causing dis-ease. By forging deep connections with the natural world, we learn to flow with our emotions, like rivers carving canyons, shaping us into our truest selves.

Spiritual Healing:

Spiritually, shamanism is a journey of reconnection with our essence. It’s a process of soul retrieval, where we reclaim the fragments of our spirit lost through life’s hardships, guided by the four agreements—being impeccable with our word, not taking anything personally, not making assumptions, and always doing our best.

Shamanism in Modern Life:

Today, shamanic practices can be woven into our daily lives as seamlessly as threads in a tapestry. They offer a counterbalance to the digital noise, a grounding force that reminds us of the interconnectedness of all things. From mindful walks in nature to the conscious preparation of food, from meditation to the creation of sacred spaces in our homes, these practices are ways we can embody the shamanic principles in our everyday lives.

The Path of Shamanism is open to all who seek it:

It’s a path of healing, balance, and deep understanding—a reminder that, although we may live in a modern world, the ancient wisdom of shamanic healing is timeless. As we learn to live in harmony with the world around us, we not only heal ourselves but also contribute to the healing of our planet.

Discover Deeper Healing:

Embark on a transformative journey with us. Our classes, courses, and programs are meticulously designed to guide you through the rich landscape of shamanic healing as well as other ancient modalities. From understanding the basics of opening your Wiracocha (Energetic Protection) to mastering the art of soul retrieval, our offerings are tailored to all levels of interest and expertise. Whether you are taking your first steps into the world of shamanism or seeking to deepen an established practice, our community provides a supportive and enriching environment for growth. Visit our courses page to explore the gateway to your spiritual awakening and find the path that resonates with you. Let the ancient wisdom of shamanic healing illuminate your modern life.

Join us, and together, let’s weave the timeless teachings of the Qero Incan lineage into the fabric of our daily existence.

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Lauren Thew SHAMAN + REIKI MASTER Hello, beautiful way-showers! My name is Lauren Thew and I am a Master Teacher Incan Shaman & Reiki Master. Throughout my lifetime I have served in the Army, acquired degrees in Psychology & Health Science, while being a mother to three! Bridging both ancient traditions & the modern fundamentals of psychology, I assist in your healing of the root causes on the deepest emotional, mental, & spiritual levels. My passion materializes by offering classes, workshop sessions, & Shamanic Mastery programs. Sharing the tools, wisdom, & power of self-healing that the ancients have known about since the beginning, leading the future leaders that came here to do something BIG, for the generations to follow.
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