Embracing Energy Protection and Mindful Party Habits

To My Younger Self…

In the whirlwind of youth, where vibrant nights and spirited parties beckon, the journey of self-discovery often takes an unexpected path, especially for those of us who feel intensely the world around us. Today, I share a heartfelt letter written to my 18-year-old self, reflecting on those transformative years during 2016-2017, a period I fondly recall as my ‘party girl era.’ While navigating the complexities of social dynamics was a challenge, the lessons learned have equipped me with invaluable tools and insights that I now pass on.

The Struggle of Social Overstimulation

Back then, school was a battleground—not academically, where I excelled, but socially, where I felt isolated and misunderstood due to my neurodivergence. This isolation led me to seek acceptance in older social circles, where the vibrant allure of parties seemed a refuge. However, this escape came with its own trials, primarily through the excessive use of alcohol which I thought necessary to blend in and shield myself from the overwhelming energies of those around me.

The Discovery of Energy Protection

One transformative piece of knowledge I wish I could have imparted to my younger self is the power of energy protection. For those who find themselves frequently out and about, absorbing the emotional residue left by others can be exhausting. Here’s a simple yet profound technique called Wiracocha—a protective bubble you can visualize and create:

  1. Initiate the Wiracocha: Stand with your hands in prayer position in front of your heart.
  2. Activate Your Energy: Slowly lift your hands above your head, visualizing your upper chakras activating as your hands cross.
  3. Expand Your Protection: Turn your palms outward and sweep your arms around your body, envisioning a protective bubble encasing you completely, even below the ground.

This bubble helps keep external energies at bay, ensuring that you remain centered and unburdened by the energies of those around you. Renew this protective shield every few hours, especially in energetically dense environments.

Munay Ki: Bands of Power

Another invaluable tool is the first initiation of the Munay Ki, known as the Bands of Power. These bands fortify your energetic field, repelling unwanted energies before they can affect you. They serve as an energetic shield, particularly useful in environments where substances may weaken personal auras, making them more susceptible to energy intrusions.

Clearing Your Energy

Finally, the practice of clearing your energy is crucial, both before and after engaging in social activities. A simple ritual involving the elements can be profoundly cleansing:

  • Start with Water: Begin by showering, allowing the water to wash away any energetic impurities. Visualize the water nourishing your protective rites and carrying away all unwanted energies.
  • Invoke Assistance: Call upon Archangel Michael for his protection and aid in clearing your aura, or visualize any dark spots within your aura and cleanse them yourself.
  • Connect with Earth: Create a channel from your body to Mother Earth, kindly requesting her to transmute any heaviness into light.

To Be Continued…

While I have much more to share about grounding and elevating your vibrations, it’s important to take these steps one at a time, integrating each practice into your routine gradually.

Reflecting on these experiences, I realize how empowering it would have been to have these tools as a young adult. If you find yourself in similar circumstances, remember that your energetic well-being is paramount. Embrace these practices, and allow your vibrant self to shine through, protected and powerful, in any setting.

Written by: Julianna Toth

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