Intuitive Academy Your Spiritual Journey has led you here

You feel the call to walk the healer's path.

Do you feel that pull in your chest? The purpose that you can sense in your bones, but maybe can't quite name? If you’ve been on a healing path for 1-2 years, and believe that you belong in a lifetime of work facilitating that healing for others, then Intuitive Academy is for you.

Intuitive Academy is an all-in-one 16 week educational intensive, paired with intimate mentorship, for those being called to a healer's path. You will transition from anxious empath to empowered healer; with the education, certifications, network community, mentorship, and experience to back it up!!

This is for you if...

  • Are 1-2 years into your healing/spiritual path
  • Are ready to step into your highest calling, and take on the moral responsibilities that come with it
  • Are intuitively (psychically) gifted, or suspect that you are
  • Take initiative with your goals and responsibility for your actions
  • Are ready, willing, and able to change your life trajectory and lifestyle in a massive way
  • Value leadership and have a servant’s heart
  • Are ready to command abundance and will hold ethics in doing so

This is NOT for you if...

  • Are brand new in your spiritual awakening and have not yet done any shadow work
  • Are desperate to get out of your 9-5 and will do anything to make that happen
  • Are looking for a quick fix or tips to mend your wounds, problems, or lifestyle situations
  • Are sorta, kinda thinking about getting into healing modalities as a practitioner

Okay, I'm into it. So... what's included?

Everything you need for this transformation:

Education (1), Certification (2), Integration (3), Mentorship (4), and Community (5), + complimentary access to The Portal continues through the entire 4 month duration of the Mastery program.


Education build a strong foundation

101 modules of fun-to-consume, highly informational, at-your-leisure coursework, broken into 4 distinct phases.

How to care for and grow your gifts, and metaphysical law foundational philosophies; need to know basics - Weeks 1-4

  • Daily Energetic Hygiene Techniques
  • Identifying Ego vs. Spirit
  • Learning the Chakras
  • Learning the Clairs
  • Discovering Auras
  • Learning how to have Boundaries
  • Using the Law of Attraction and the Law of Rhythm
  • Science and Spirituality Crossovers + their Applications
  • EFT Tapping & other Somatic Practices

My best & most effective shadow work/healing tools from years of long term 1:1 client work - Week 5-8

  • How to read an Astrology Birth Chart
  • How to read Tarot & Oracle Cards
  • How to understand your Human Design Charts
  • How to Hold Space for Clients
  • How to use the Medicine Wheel for Shadow Work & Emotional Alchemy
  • How to reprogram Subconscious Beliefs
  • How to Heal the Inner Child
  • How to Re-parent yourself
  • Leadership and Healer principles and mindset

Money subconscious rewiring and manifestation in-depth training - Week 9-12

  • The Energetics of Money
  • Lack vs. Abundance Mindset
  • Wealth as a Natural Dimension of you
  • Worthiness: your claim of what you can have
  • Manifestation Techniques that really work
  • Heart Coherence practice to attract your desires
  • Family Stories about Money
  • How we Block our Abundance
  • Revenue vs. Profit & other Business Finances

Comprehensive Spiritual business & Social media marketing education ( so you will know how to actually attract clients in your practice) - Weeks 13-16

  • Sales calls, Receiving Payments, Contracts & Bookkeeping dos & don'ts
  • Taxes as a Business
  • LLC Registration
  • Leadership Principles
  • Being an Entrepreneur vs. Being a Healer
  • Ethics, Standards & Accessibility
  • Discerning between Service vs. Savior
  • Branding, Building our your offers & getting to know your Ideal Client
  • How to attract Clients with Ease
  • How to Run a Business
  • CEO Mentality
a month in the life of an Intuitive Academy Student

Earn 3 Certifications Shadow-work and Light-Work

Not 1... not 2... but 3 certifications to show the world how badass you are.

We intentionally chose a Shadow worker-oriented (Munay Ki) AND a Lightworker-oriented (Reiki) modality for you to certify in, exploring both sides of the coin.

  • Munay Ki - 9 shamanic energetic transmissions which are rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power, healing the wounds of the past.
  • Reiki I & Reiki II - Traditional Usui Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation through gentle touch, which removes energetic blocks, and restores harmony.
  • Reiki I & II Modules: There are 17 Modules to be taken week by week, with Reiki and/or MunayKi attunments happening live on Fridays
  • The 11 Energetic Attunement Rites are taught and received LIVE in ceremony group each week
Savannah Priestess and Witch
Lauren and Savannah in Egypt
Lauren Shaman and Reiki Master Teacher


To me, all of the above is excellent. But what’s beyond excellent is the application of what you’ve learned to manifest the abundant practice that you desire, and that the collective needs.

  • 4 group medicine circles with Savannah hosted on Zoom are included. Think of this as the Lab to the Course: a space to check that you’re understanding what you’re learning in the curriculum module lessons + touch in with how you’re faring the journey as things shift for you.
  • Complimentary access to The Portal membership during your 6 months as a student in Intuitive Academy. Attend Live classes by our 3 Master Healers and their apprentices, each evening at 8:00pm eastern standard time.
  • I also paired up with one of my own Mentors and she created an exclusive masterclass just for IA students - Melanie’s Aura Clearing Workshop. It’s so essential to be able to separate other’s energies out of your space when working energy and putting yourself out there as a healer. This workshop will show you how to effectively do exactly that!
  • Homework Grading and additional Office Hours will be hosted by our 16 apprentices - think of them as grad student assistants.


This course is very much a shadow work process in and of itself, as you must learn to use all these techniques with yourself first before you could ever guide someone else with/through them.

  • Because of this, you will have access to Savannah and Lauren via the Telegram app on a daily 1:1 basis for all 6 months of the course!!. It is the JOY of my heart to support your transformation in this way - we can text and voice message to your heart’s content!!
  • Our Apprentices will also be with you - 3 of our Apprentices will be in your Telegram chat group to answer everyday inquiries and hold space for you transformation
  • 2x a week - MWF - (optional) Office Hour LIVE sessions hosted on Zoom once by Savannah and once by Lauren weekly, where you can come by to ask questions and listen to the questions that others are asking. The topics and atmosphere here can range widely from reading each other’s natal charts for practice to guiding a chakra balancing, aura clearing meditation, to discussing and holding space for those struggling with the state of affairs in the world.
  • After you finish your Business Start-up Packet and graduate into the 2nd portion of the course, you’re invited to book a complimentary 1:1 business coaching session with Savannah, and if you so choose - a practice 1:1 reading/healing session with 1-2 members of the incoming class.
Your Guides
The Intuitive Academy Guides

Lauren and Savannah

Join the Community Meet your spirit family

The students taking this program alongside you will not only benefit your learning experience, but can also become powerful allies as you traverse this path together. Our community is the niche, spiritual fam you’ve been yearning for!

Your class's community is hosted and facilitated in a group of 20 Telegram chat. This is the space where you can come to your peers with your biggest wins and lowest points - being abundantly supported at all points in your journey by those who are going through the transformation with you.

Our community is an integrity container, helping to keep you motivated, inspired, and integrated to your spiritual work and practices throughout the program.

Included complimentary is also The Portal's Discord Community server, a loving home to over 200 souls on their healing journey.

See below to read what recent students are saying about their experience in the Intuitive Academy. 


An Overview

of all your Intuitive Academy Goodness

  • 9 MunayKi Classes/Rites + Certifications
  • Reiki I Classes/Attunements & Certifications
  • Reiki II Classes/Attunements & Certifications
  • 101 Module Course with workbook, business startup packet
  • Custom Medicine Stone crystal necklace
  • 6 months of 2x Weekly 60min Office Hours (optional)
  • 6 month 1:1 Access Mentorship with Savannah and Lauren
  • 6 Months of "The Portal" Membership
  • Ongoing Care from Lauren and Savannah’s Apprentices
  • Ongoing Class Group Chat
  • Graduate Business 1:1 Session with Savannah
  • Aura Clearing Workshop
  • IA Alumni Community of Likeminded Souls
  • Network Connection for Life with Savannah, Lauren, and Alumni Community
Intuitive Academy Module and group photo

Frequently Asked Questions

Total Exchange: $3,333 if paid in full

Payment options available with

Your Guides Lauren & Savannah

Lauren Thew Shaman

Lauren Shaman + Reiki Master

Hello, beautiful way-showers! 

My name is Lauren Thew and I am a Master Teacher Incan Shaman & Reiki Master. 

Throughout my lifetime I have served in the Army, acquired degrees in Psychology & Health Science, while being a mother to three! Bridging both ancient traditions & the modern fundamentals of psychology, I assist in your healing of the root causes on the deepest emotional, mental, & spiritual levels. 

My passion materializes by offering classes, workshop sessions, & Shamanic Mastery programs. Sharing the tools, wisdom, & power of self-healing that the ancients have known about since the beginning, leading the future leaders that came here to do something BIG, for the generations to follow.

Instagram | Linktree

Savannah Priestess and Psychic

Savannah Psychic + Priestess

Welcome gorgeous soul!

I am so happy your journey has landed you here. 

I am Savannah, the CEO of The Portal,  Psychic Medium, Shamanic Medicine Woman, & High Priestess of Earth-based Magic.

Above all else - my soul's mission is seeking to aid in the raising of the collective consciousness, & enjoyment of the human experience for all. 

My greatest passion & fulfillment is when honoring & teaching those who follow their calling, saving my loved ones, & creating a safe haven for healers, by healers. 

Take a look around, and feel free to stay awhile.

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You're invited to apply for our February 2024 Class!! The earlier you get in, the cheaper tuition is, so apply now! Tuition will be increasing in 2024. So this is the last chance to get this level of wisdom, mentorship, & integration at this price!

We will reach out if we feel you'd be a great fit!!