Become a Dharmic Healer are you ready to start now?

DHM is more than just a learning system; it is a path of personal transformation that includes intimate mentorship and lifestyle immersion. If you feel the call to become a Dharmic Healer, then DHM is the key that will unlock the doors to your destiny. The path awaits those who are ready to commit to themselves and embark on this sacred journey.

Dharmic Healer Mastery

$ 3333 paid in full
  • Payment options available with
  • Dharmic Healer Certification
  • 4 months of Weekly Office Hours/Community Calls/Live Teaching
  • 4 months 1:1 Mentorship with Prasiddha
  • 6 months of ongoing access to the DHM course
  • 6 Months of "The Portal" Membership
  • Ongoing Care from Prasiddha’s Apprentices
  • Graduate Business 1:1 Session with Prasiddha
  • DHM Alumni Community of Like Minded Souls

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Hear from our recent students

"I've been wanting to start my path as a healer for many years. My favorite part of working with Prasiddha is that she is easy to talk to and is able to meet you at your level your in. The community made me feel accepted and part of the family. Everyone is friendly and open to learn. That gave me motivation to stay on course. My favorite part of the curriculum was the live workshops and weekly community meetings. They helped me stay connected and be more interactive.  The curriculum helped me to get refocused on my spiritual practices and health. I feel more motivated on helping others with the tools and knowledge I learned in DHM."

Cristy Garcia

"Thanks Prasiddha! This is the best course I've ever taken. From the pov of a professor who also has done a ton of online teaching/learning as well as been a teacher trainer, you are doing a brilliant job with delivery of the materials, they are beautifully presented, well organized and chunked out, interesting and engaging. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and knowledge, this is such a gift to me (us)."

Catherine Vellinga

"I’ve been wanting to study the eastern tradition for a long time. Since I was about 16 but, didn’t know where to start!

My favorite part about working with Prasiddha is the boundless love and compassion she has for every student. The community made me feel very seen and heard where normally I don’t get to experience such. They’ve helped me feel not so alone.

My favorite part of the curriculum has to be Tantra, it’s so incredibly misunderstood and absolutely the most fascinating for me to study.

What transformed in my personal life as a result of the curriculum was my vision for what I want to do in my life and how to get there. I feel a lot more fulfilled now than prior to DHM in the sense of knowledge and clarity."

Kiran Mangal