Dharmic Healer Mastery Dive into Tantric Yoga and Ayurvedic Lifestyle

DHM is an all-in-one 16 week educational intensive, paired with intimate mentorship and lifestyle immersion, for those being called to a Dhamic Healer's path. She is an organized learning system to master the traditional spiritual & psychological healing sciences within Yoga, Ayurveda & Tantra.

Does this sound like you?
  • You are a student of eastern spirituality who wants to master the traditional spiritual & emotional healing sciences within Yoga, Ayurveda & Tantra without having to go to India.
  • You are studying/already certified in Ayurveda but feel like you need to learn the mental & spiritual healing components much deeper and expand your toolbelt as a healer.
  • You are struggling to find an authority you can trust aligned to the source knowledge, but feel a soul-calling to the dharmic path.
  • You are a yogi who wants to take their knowledge & practice beyond asana
  • You are a highly sensitive seeker who wants the knowledge & training to harmonize your emotions so you can live your dharma…and teach others how to do the same.
  • You feel the call to walk the healer's path.
  • If you left your Ayurveda school/YTT/spiritual community yearning for more authentic knowledge & practical application of the spiritual/psychological healing techniques of the Dharmic tradition, then Dharmic Healer Mastery is for you.

This is for you if...

  • Take accountability and responsibility for your actions Are ready, willing, and able to change your life trajectory and lifestyle in a massive way
  • Value authenticity and service to others
  • Have reverence for the ancient ways & for the Divine
  • Are committed to your personal healing & study
  • Are ready to expand your heart and show up

This is NOT for you if...

  • Are brand new in your spiritual awakening and have not yet done any shadow work
  • Are looking for a quick fix to mend your wounds, problems, or lifestyle
  • Are not willing to take a deep look at yourself
  • Are closed off to energy or deity work

Okay, I'm into it. So... what's included?

Everything you need for this transformation:

Education (1), Certification (2), Integration (3), Mentorship (4), and Community (5), + complimentary access to The Portal continues through the entire 4 month duration of the Mastery program.

Dharmic Healer Mastery Materials

Education Start at the roots

Discover the Holistic Healing Techniques of Traditional Yoga, Ayurveda, and Tantra

Gain an in-depth understanding of how to heal the mind and spirit using traditional yogic, Ayurvedic, and tantric methods and philosophical foundations. This learning system integrates nearly a decade of study into an organized curriculum, drawing from authentic sources with a deep respect for lineage and spiritual traditions.

  • DHM Manual - your structured workbook throughout the course
  • DHM Opening Circle
  • What Does It Mean to Live Your Dharma
  • Atma Vichara - The Process of Self Inquiry
  • Vision Mapping
  • The Yamas - Dharmic Values for Outer Interations
  • The Niyamas - Dharmic Values for Our Inner World
  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Pratyahara
  • Dharana
  • Dhyana
  • Samadhi
  • Ancient Origins of Yoga
  • The Koshas
  • Ancient Truths of the Chakras
  • The Bandhas
  • Muladhara Chakra
  • Svadishtana Chakra
  • Manipuraka Chakra
  • Anahata Chakra
  • Vishuddhi Chakra
  • Ajna Chakra
  • Sahasrara Chakra
  • Mudras
  • Asana Modifications, Injury, & Alignment w Deborah
  • Nadi Shodana Pranayama Tutorial
  • Sheetali Pranayama Tutorial
  • Sitkari Pranayama Tutorial
  • Brahmari Pranayama Tutorial
  • Ujjayi Pranayama Tutorial
  • Surya Bhedana Pranayama Tutorial
  • Chandra Bhedana Pranayama Tutorial
  • Bhastrika Pranayama Tutorial
  • Kapalabhati Pranayama Tutorial
  • Aromatherapy
  • Gemology
  • Color Therapy
  • The Nadis
  • Herbs for the Mind
  • Healing with the Elements
  • The Doshas
  • Ayurvedic & Yogic Daily Detox Protocols
  • Trigunas: The Doshas of the Mind
  • 5 Doorways to the Mind
  • 107 Marmas Walk Through
  • The Marmas
  • Marma Meditation
  • Nutrition for the Doshas
  • Herbs for the Subtle Energies & Doshas
  • Intro to Tantra - What It Is & Is NOT
  • Intro to the Mahavidyas
  • Kundalini Shakti & Awakening
  • Conscious Relationships via Hindu Philosophy
  • Prana Tejas Ojas
  • The Spiritual Heart
  • Sri Yantra
  • The Mahavidyas - Kali
  • The Mahavidyas - Tara
  • The Mahavidyas - Tripura Sundari
  • The Mahavidyas - Bhuvaneshwari
  • The Mahavidyas - Chinnamasta
  • The Mahavidyas - Bhairavi
  • The Mahavidyas - Dhumavati
  • The Mahavidyas - Bagalamukhi
  • The Mahavidyas - Matangi
  • The Mahavidyas - Kamalatmika
  • Science of Yantra
  • Mahavidya Yantras
  • Science of Mantra
  • Universal Healing Mantras
  • Mahavidya Mantras
  • Finding Your Inner Authority Workshop
  • How to Hold Space Workshop
  • Social Media Masterclasses

"I've been wanting to start my path as a healer for many years. My favorite part of working with Prasiddha is that she is easy to talk to and is able to meet you at your level your in. The community made me feel accepted and part of the family. Everyone is friendly and open to learn. That gave me motivation to stay on course. My favorite part of the curriculum was the live workshops and weekly community meetings. They helped me stay connected and be more interactive.  The curriculum helped me to get refocused on my spiritual practices and health. I feel more motivated on helping others with the tools and knowledge I learned in DHM."

Cristy Garcia

"Thanks Prasiddha! This is the best course I've ever taken. From the pov of a professor who also has done a ton of online teaching/learning as well as been a teacher trainer, you are doing a brilliant job with delivery of the materials, they are beautifully presented, well organized and chunked out, interesting and engaging. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and knowledge, this is such a gift to me (us)."

Catherine Vellinga

"I’ve been wanting to study the eastern tradition for a long time. Since I was about 16 but, didn’t know where to start!

My favorite part about working with Prasiddha is the boundless love and compassion she has for every student. The community made me feel very seen and heard where normally I don’t get to experience such. They’ve helped me feel not so alone.

My favorite part of the curriculum has to be Tantra, it’s so incredibly misunderstood and absolutely the most fascinating for me to study.

What transformed in my personal life as a result of the curriculum was my vision for what I want to do in my life and how to get there. I feel a lot more fulfilled now than prior to DHM in the sense of knowledge and clarity."

Kiran Mangal

Dharmic Healer Certification A Holistic Approach to Healing

Achieve a higher level of expertise in the field of holistic healing with our Dharmic Healer Certification program. Our program offers a deeper, more expansive skillset compared to other similar courses, like regular yoga certifications, Ayurveda counselor training, and more. Our comprehensive program equips you with the qualifications required to heal holistically, working not only with the body but also with the mind and spirit. 

Example of DHarmic Healer Mastery Certifcaiton


You will receive the necessary training & practical application to start actually practicing as a Dharmic Healer. Shifting from just surviving to thriving in your life and practice. Once you align your inner space and learn the dharmic healing sciences, I will show you how to step into your authentic authority as a healer through:

  • Complimentary access to The Portal membership during your 4 months as a student in Dharmic Healer Mastery . Attend Live classes by Prasiddha and her apprentices, each evening at 8:00pm eastern standard time.
  • Case studies - practical application on how to work with real human beings
  • Practice with me personally
  • Group support
  • Social media training - so you can use it as a tool to share your authentic voice and build your community.


This course requires you to align your inner world so you can be ready to live your dharma, as you must integrate self healing to be able to show up to heal others…

  • You will receive spiritual coaching 1:1 with Prasiddha
  • Without this it doesn't matter what you learn, you won't apply it sustainably
 without doing the inner shadow work.
  • You will have access to a reflector/mentor who’s done it already, who can reflect back to you blindspots and incompletions in your inner space holding you back from living your dharma.
  • Our Apprentices will also be with you - our Apprentices will be in your Telegram chat group to answer everyday inquiries and hold space for you transformation.
  • Minimum 1x a week LIVE Community Call + Group Coaching hosted on Zoom by Prasiddha. We cover weekly immersions into the Vedic lifestyle, live teaching of Yoga Ayurveda Tantra, guided meditations/ sound healings/experiences, open office hours, and space holding for personal transformation.
  • 1:1 business coaching session with Prasiddha.


The students taking this program alongside you will not only benefit your learning experience, but can also become powerful allies as you traverse this path together. Our community is the niche, spiritual fam you’ve been yearning for!

  • Your class's community is hosted and facilitated in a group of 20 Telegram chat. This is the space where you can come to your peers with your biggest wins and lowest points - being abundantly supported at all points in your journey by those who are going through the transformation with you.
  • Our community is an integrity container, helping to keep you motivated, inspired, and integrated to your spiritual work and practices throughout the program.
  • Included complimentary is also The Portal's Discord Community server, a loving home to over 200 souls on their healing journey.
Dharmic Healer Mastery Community Calls

An Overview

of all your Dharmic Healer Mastery Goodness

  • Dharmic Healer Certification
  • 4 months of Weekly Office Hours/Community Calls/Live Teaching
  • 4 months 1:1 Mentorship with Prasiddha
  • 6 months of ongoing access to the DHM Course
  • 6 Months of "The Portal" Membership
  • Ongoing Care from Prasiddha’s Apprentices
  • Ongoing Class Group Chat in Telegram
  • Graduate Business 1:1 Session with Prasiddha
  • DHM Alumni Community of Like Minded Souls
  • Network Connection for Life with Prasiddha, Savannah and Lauren and Alumni Community

Total Exchange: $3,333 if paid in full

Payment options available with

Frequently Asked Questions


Your Guide

Prasiddha Yogi and Ayurvedic Practitioner

Prasiddha Yogini + Ayurvedic Practitioner

Hello beautiful souls! I am Prasiddha.

I am a Certified Ayurvedic Educator & Practitioner, Initiated Hindu Yogini, & founder of Dharmic Healing.

Acknowledging Dharma, the deeply spiritual, mystical aspects, of these healing traditions,  including all of the many places, spaces, dark nights of the soul, and spiritual paths in between I have embarked on,  have led me to find my deepest soul’s calling (and the most transformative healing imaginable) in this tradition.

I am brought to life by combining my clinical training in Ayurvedic medicine, with the energetic alignment and philosophy of Yoga, and the mystical alchemy of Tantra all into one. When teaching & mentoring I am primarily focused on being a reflection of pure consciousness while utilizing my gift to deeply feel, helping you identify blindspots and limiting beliefs, clarify your mission and vision, love yourself deeper (and in turn, others), allowing you to step into your personal dharma in this lifetime.

There is nothing that brings me greater fulfillment than witnessing you expand in love, purpose, and connection to Spirit…and then continuing the virtuous cycle in facilitating that for others.

This is the Dharma Chakra.

Professional Heart-Opener, at your service.

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