Ancient Soul Gardens Courses, Tools, & community

We saw a bridge that needed to be created between ancient esoteric knowledge, healing modalities, and ritual practices to the modern healer, more commonly known as Empaths, Highly Sensitive People, and often, Neurodivergents.

There are so many intuitive, sensitive souls on earth right now who think that they are broken. In reality, they are some of the most necessary members of society at this time in history.

They are our generation’s healers: restorers of peace, love, and harmony

Ancient Soul Gardens is a place for those sensitive souls to land softly, and then explore into a deep sea of knowledge. Take a look around the site to learn more about what we have to offer.

Thank you for being here.

The Different Pathways to walk with us

Ancient Soul Gardens guides and provides for newly awakened anxious empaths to transform into master teacher healers via the traditions of 3 ancient healing lineage paths: shamanic, dharmic, and hermetic.

No matter where your entry point is, how new or advanced you are in your practice - we have and know the fullness of what you require.

This is a great place to start if you are early in your spiritual journey. The Portal includes live classes to rejuvenate your sensitive soul, and a community of mystics like you.

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Are you further into your practice and ready for the next step? Step into your calling and learn how to use your gifts with our comprehensive A to Z healing practitioner academy.

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Ready to dive deep into the eastern healing modalities and expand your holistic healing practice? Learn and apply the ancient healing arts of Tantra, Yoga and Ayurvedic psychology.

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Take a moment to Reflect what landed you here?

  • I'm ready to step into my highest calling.
  • I'm ready for financial abundance.
  • I'm intuitively gifted.
  • I take initiative with my goals and responsibility for my actions.
  • I am ready, willing, and able to make a huge life change.
  • I value leadership, and have a servant's heart.

Take our sorting quiz and be matched with the curriculums, certifications, masterclasses, tools, reagents, and communities for the current layer of growth that you’re on with your journey to fulfilling your calling and reclaiming the healer’s seat at the table in our world. 

Our Founders Get to know us

Savannah Priestess and Psychic

Savannah Psychic + Priestess

I am an initiated Shaman/Medicine Woman, trained Psychic Medium, and High Priestess of the craft.

Lauren Thew Shaman

Lauren Shaman + Reiki Master

I'm a Peruvian Trained Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shadow Work expert, and Embodiment Mentor.

Prasiddha Yogi and Ayurvedic Practitioner

Prasiddha Yogini + Ayurvedic Practitioner

I am a third-eye-awakened and initiated Hindu Yogini and Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Educator.